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Shandong Useen Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou, one of the nine ancient states of China, with advantageous geographical location, developed land, sea and air transportation, adjacent to Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Weifang Port and many other ports. It has obvious core advantages and unique conditions for the development of calcium carbonate, casting, smelting and other manufacturing industries.

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The leading products include two series of calcium carbonate and precision castings. It is a top three enterprise in the national calcium carbonate industry, and a Chinese green foundry enterprise.

The main products of Shandong Useen Calcium Co.,Ltd. are industrial and civil calcium oxide, light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, Nano calcium carbonate and other products, which are widely used in PVC, paper , silicone rubber,printing ink, automotive primer and other industries.          View More »

The main products of Shandong Useen Casting Co., Ltd. include machine tool castings, pump castings, injection molding machine castings, die-casting machine castings, steel ingot mold castings, engineering machinery castings, auto parts castings, wind power castings, sewing machine castings, agricultural machinery equipment castings and other series of products , Widely used in machine tools, water conservancy, automobiles, wind power, agricultural machinery and so on.          View More »

Green Useen   Low Carbon And Environmental Protection

Adhering to the environmental protection concept of "ecological priority, green development", practicing the environmental protection mission of harmonious development between the enterprise and nature.


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